Working terms and conditions

In situ inspection and final checking of the project free of charge
We send offers within 3-4 working days
The customer can watch the works in progress to keep track of the working hours and the cost of materials

About the project:

The deal will be based on the bill of quantities of the works and there will be a fixed price. Our customers will always be up-to-date with the estimated number of working hours.

About the materials:

We are provided with a 00-00% discount by major businesses of retail trade and, most importantly, we buy materials on a daily basis, so that our customers are able to keep track of the exact consumption. There is also a % discount on the purchase cost of materials.
The customer can also buy the materials himself. In this case we can help with the choice of basic materials, as well as the bill of quantities of the works and materials that will be required for the project.

The 15% – 20% of contingencies (unforeseen costs) is not included in the price.

The working crew will work only on your project until the termination of the contract.

We guarantee quick and accurate work.

Terms of payment:

After the third working day we send an invoice, which is based on the mutual agreement with the customer. For extended projects we send an invoice every two weeks. The total sum of money on the invoices will not exceed 80% of the final cost. This way the customer will withhold 20% of the total cost until the completion of the project.